About Green & Green’s Founder


Mindy Tulsi-Ingram
arrived in Vancouver from Singapore in the early eighties as a young woman eager to find a fulfilling future in her adopted country. With a strong interest in business and commerce and working in a service industry role, Mindy completed a double major at Simon Fraser University in Business and Communications.  

After graduating, Mindy worked at Naylor Communications selling advertising and at the Newspaper Marketing Bureau as a research analyst.  During this time, Mindy continued to seek an opportunity to run her own business and find a way to mix work with creative self-expression and interests that inspire her. 

In 1993, Mindy launched Green & Green, an enterprise, which embodied all the things she loved; the gift giving tradition of her heritage, the artistry of creating something beautiful, and the challenge of creating a business from nothing.

While Green & Green now grows and prospers, Mindy remains grateful for the opportunities she has been given in Canada. That’s why the company is committed to giving back through organizations it supports, like the Rotary Club of Vancouver, Tradeworks and Hattrick. 


What inspired Green & Green

 Mindy recalls: “One of my earliest memories was my oldest sister's traditional wedding. My mother had so much to do and one of her crucial tasks was to prepare all the wedding gifts that my family would present to our guests.  My aunts, sisters and cousins were all called in to help -- especially with the presentation of the suits and saris. These were lovingly wrapped and elegantly crested with clear cello bags so that everyone could see the intricate embroidery and the vibrant colors of the Punjabi outfits.

“Growing up in multicultural Singapore, I learned to never go empty-handed to visit friends or relatives. We always brought a gift of goodwill and good wishes for the host. My mom would insist that we buy fresh fruits as they made healthier gifts. Typically, they would be bagged in the grocer's non-descript plastic bags. 

“When I was about 15, I suggested putting our gift fruits in a basket to make their presentation more beautiful.  My mom trusted me and gave me the money to create one. I went to many stores to get the things that would help me design my first basket.  I remember counting my money carefully and purchasing the perfect basket, the different kinds of fruit and some ribbon.  The cellophane and ribbon were sold by the yard and I had to make sure that my estimate was accurate.  My first fruit gift basket received rave reviews from both mom and my family members.  Most important, the person who received it was duly impressed!  

“I grew up with strong principles of honoring and acknowledging my elders and family members. These strong principles were held for those we cared about outside the family too. Friendships were deep and dear and great milestones like special birthdays, new births, anniversaries and weddings were celebrated with hearty cheers or ‘yam seng’.”


Our Philosophy and Our Guarantee

We understand the importance of your needs -- to cheer a friend, congratulate a milestone reached, acknowledge the birth of a newborn, or convey your deepest sympathy. Our main expertise is in recommending what will be a welcome and appropriate gift. We never skimp on the quality of our materials, the uniqueness of our selections or the presentation in which they are received. We take pride in continuing the standards of excellence we established almost two decades ago, and always measure our quality by this mantra: “We would be proud to give this gift to our own family and best friends”.  


How we give back  

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We also provide donations in the form of baskets for raffles, auctions and events put on by our clients! 


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